Female Infertility Treatment in Malaysia

For many women, having a child is their biggest dream in life, but unfortunately, it is all too common these days to struggle with fertility. Fertility rates are changing more than ever before with the increasing pollution of our environment and food sources, affecting our hormone balance. Generally, infertility affects about 15% of couples in their reproductive age.

A successful pregnany involves (1) releasing a norma ovum, (2) Adequate health sperms, (3) fertilization at the correct site, and (4) successful embryo implantation on uterine inner lining. Any disruption of any steps will lead to infertiligy. In general, causes of infertility are divided into male and female factors, with each responsible for about 40% of cases. The remaining 20% of cases, the causes are unknown.

Female infertility

  1. Abnormal ovulation – ovulation process is regulated by complex interaction of numerous hormones. Any health conditions that affect the hormona balance could disrupt natural ovulation. Such health conditions include polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid disorder, and prolactin excess. Extreme weight loss could affect hormone production, and hence disrupt ovulation.
  2. Abnormal cervix or uterus – structural abnormalities of uterus, such as fallopian tube defects could prevent ovum from fertilization. It can also hamper embryo implantation. Structual abnormalities can be congenital, such as arcuate uterus, uterine septal, cervical stenosis. It can also be due to infection (endometritis), inflammation (endometriosis) or trauma (Asherman Syndrome).
  3. Cancer treatment – Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer could impair female fertility by reducing the ovarian follicles.

Male infertility

  1. Low sperm amount or abnormal function – sperm abnormalities are usually caused by poor lifestyle, such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, wearing tight inner wear, and exposure to anabolic steroids. It can also be caused by infection.
  2. Ejeculation problem – sexual function disturbance due to pre-mature ejaculation, weak erection are common causes of male factor infertility.
  3. Cancer treatment – Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer could impair male fertility by reducing sperm production.
  4. Trauma – trauma to men genitalia can cause damage to sperm production. It can be work injuries, accidents, or sport injuries.

Tests for female

  • Ultrasonography – It’s a safe and convenient imaging technique to view ovaries and uterus for structural abnormalities.
  • Hormone tests – a simple blood test could examine women’s hormone profile, identifying potential underlying causes for irregular periods, abnormal ovulation, and other hormone health.
  • Ovarian reserve testing – this test helps to determine the follicles reserve in women’s ovaries.
  • Hysterosalphingography (HSG) – this test assess the patency of the fallopian tubes to ensure clear passage for ovum to travel to the uterus.

Test for male

  • Semen analysis – this is a simple and cheap test to analyse sperm quantity and quality. The sample is collected after abstinence for 3 days, and send to the lab within an hour for testing. This test can determine sperm count, shapes, and movements.
  • Hormone testing – it’s an important test to assess men health, including underlying medical conditions and hormone health. Testonsterone, DHEA, estrogen, and PSA are important tests for men’s sexual and prostate health.
  • Ultrasonography – it’s a safe and convenient imaging techinique to look for structural abnormalities of men’s genitalia.

The treatment is really depending on the underlying causes. Despite some fertility problems cannot be corrected, some fertility issues can be treated.

Treatment for women

  • Optimizing hormone health – this is one of the most important treatment for women with fertility issues. It can increase the likelihood of getting pregnant, it could also improve women’s health and pregnancy outcomes.
  • Inducing ovulation – certain medication can induce ovulation in women whose ovulation process is disrupted. You might want to consult a doctor for proper use of this medication. Improper use of this medicine could excessively stimulate ovaries to produce more ovum, causing twins, triplets, or even quadruplets. The pregnancy outcome is poor.
  • Intrauterine insemination – this treatment involves injecting health semen directly into the uterus, bypassing vagina and cervix.
  • In-vitro fertilization – this is a process where the ovum is fertilized by sperm outside of the women’s body, and the embryo is injected into uterus for implantation.

Treatment for men

  • Lifestyle changes – quit smoking, cutting down alcohol consumption, exercise, balanced diet could improve men’s sperm quatity and quality.
  • Nutritional supplements – certain nutritional support could improve sperm quality and sperm count, such as zinc, selenium, iron etc.
  • Optimising hormone heath – this can improve men health, improve erection, and sexual desire. It can also prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and fatty liver.

Your hormones are the main messenger molecules in your body that can cause a wide range of impacts on nearly every body system. In the reproductive system, your hormone levels directly control your menstrual cycle, fertility, and ovarian health.

When hormone levels become imbalanced, your body will not know what stage of the cycle you should be in, causing your period to become erratic, ovulation to change, and even potentially cause the formation of cysts on your ovaries. Hormonal imbalance is often at the root of all these symptoms and physical changes.

Fonctio Healing provides hormone therapy for female infertility treatment in Malaysia. We specialize in delivering bio-identical hormone therapy to solve one of the root causes of fertility issue – hormone imbalance. Additionally, we can help you balance irregular periods, maintain uterus and ovarian health, and thoroughly prepare women for a healthy pregnancy.

Bioidentical hormones are better tolerated in your body because they directly match the hormones that your body already makes. In contrast, conventional hormone pills contain synthetic hormones, which the body may see as a foreign invader, and which can cause health issues over time.

By using bioidentical hormones instead, your hormone levels will balance more naturally, which can lower your risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease in the future. At our female infertility treatment center in Malaysia, we use bioidentical hormones to help our clients balance their hormones with ease and without the potential risks.

Hormone testing can provide some crucial answers to what is actually happening in your body. Without detailed testing, any treatments that you try will just be guessing at what the problem really is, which can take time and may potentially make things worse!

All of our female infertility treatments in Malaysia first begin with in-depth hormone testing. With this method, we can identify your possible missing hormones, understand the full severity of the condition, and screen for underlying medical conditions, all at the same time.

Hormones have complex interactions that change drastically as when imbalances occur, and through testing, we can understand the nuances occurring in your body. Additionally, testing provides information on the severity of hormone deficiencies and can support accurate dosing and prevent overdosing. The most crucial factor of hormone testing is investigating underlying conditions that can allow us to formulate an effective holistic treatment plan.

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With our proactive female infertility treatment in Malaysia, you can finally embrace a healthy pregnancy and access long-term wellness.

The first step in addressing infertility is with the comprehensive ovarian hormone test. Click the link below to begin your journey towards your dreams of parenthood!

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