These sad stories are all too familiar.

We have seen many patients not recovering from functional deficiencies-related health problems. In other words, your body is no longer functioning as it should.

And 10 out of 10 times, after a medical diagnosis, your doctor will prescribe medicines to suppress the unwanted conditions.

Typically, you will arrive at either one of these possible outcomes:

  • Your problem goes away after the suppression, though rarely the case.
  • You developed new sets of issues from the side effects of the medicines.
  • Your health issue came back after stopping the medication and eventually being forced to take the drug for life.

Fonctio is founded to change your story.

We are a group of progressive health experts that aim to help you heal using a holistic approach. Through innovation and the latest knowledge, we focus on helping you get better through functional healing.

Healthy body functions like a well-oiled machine, every part of our bodily systems is connected. When parts of our systems no longer perform the tasks they should, which we identify as functional deficiencies, it triggers many health issues.

We know that suppressing the functional deficits with medicines will most likely not make your problems disappear.

In many cases, it may trigger even more issues. We are here to solve your supposedly untreatable medical problems through functional healing.


Helping you take charge of your health

With our online consultation, you can access our breakthrough healing solutions wherever you are in the comforts of your home. Our holistic approach has helped many people with hormonal-related issues and age-related diseases. Our method includes bioidentical hormones therapy, focused nutritional therapies, and preventive medicines.

What’s more, we empower you to take charge of your health with the knowledge and skills so you can lead a better, healthier life.

Inspiring change in you and the healthcare system

It’s time we stop taking medicines that are not helping and stop stressing our bodies out with drugs. We want to inspire change in how you care for your well-being and how doctors treat their patients with our methods and approach. It is time doctors think beyond treating medical symptoms. We want to inspire more doctors to be innovative with their medical solutions.


A world where everyone can live young and vibrantly


To deliver science-based, personalised therapy.

To relieve people from illnesses by targeting the root causes.

To enable quality life through a people-centred approach.


Look beyond the symptoms

Passionate about life

Empower learning

Technology Savvy

Pursue a healthier you.
You deserve it.
Achieve the energy and focus you once had. Book a test or a consult today.

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