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Transforming your health is a journey, and we are part of your team to get you to where you want to be. Our relationship is long-term, we will be always there to provide you support, clear your doubt, and keep you on the journey.

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Neogh Kok Lim, MBBS.

Medical Director
Chief Consultant

A much better answer to your health

Why your past health screening has not been helping you? Even though you may have spent thousands on tests & scans.

A common “full body check” could cost anything between RM900 and RM2000. Even so, there are lots of unnecessary tests which not only check for diseases you are not looking for, but also raise the cost.

Our simple and pre-emptive hormone tests do more than just finding diseases. They give you an insight into the fundamental issues with your health before diseases develop.
This allows you to take control of your well-being and plan a restorative strategy.
Our hormone test is the inexpensive and convenient way to check in on your health.